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Pacelab in NL with

Make this season your best season with Coverdrive.NL, Pacelab & Ludimous

Peak Performance Cricket Camp Thursday May 9th (Hemelvaartsdag)

Camp time: 09:30 am - 17:00 pm Location: VOC Cricket club Hazelaarweg 7 3053 PM Rotterdam Register here for Pacelab with Age groups

14-15 | 16-18 | 19-21

Young up-and-coming players (Ages 14-21) who are looking to push forward & have successful national and international cricket careers. This camp will help you reach Peak Performance early in the season, by bowling faster, hitting harder and throwing further. Register now for this unique opportunity to reach peak performace and make this season your best season.

Fast Bowling with Stefan Jones Founder of Pacelab

  • Biomechanics Assessment

  • Ball racking + Speed assessment

  • Bowling Strength Assessment

Batting with Chris Smith Founder of Coverdrive.NL

  • Vision ball tracking

  • Video Analysis

  • Target & Power hitting

Fielding and Athleticism

Questions? Email us on:

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