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Coverdrive.NL  provides  specialised learning cricket programs  for schools, clubs and for company team -building and strategy days.  Ours program applys the principles of sport psychologist Dr Stan Beecham's (Elite MInds) that development can best be approached through a mindset focused on consistently  'being at your best'  rather than focussed  on 'aiming to become better'' . Cricket is therefore the means in helping to facilitating this 'mind shift'  from Better to Best.

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The  best known unknown sport in The Netherlands 

Although cricket is one of the world's most popular sports with billions of followers  and participants around the world, it is currently a minor sport in the Netherlands.   Working together with the sports governing authority in the country , the KNCB,  as well as other like minded academies, our driving motivation is to raise the profile and level of participation in the sport in the Netherlands.


The cover drive in cricket is the act of stroking the ball through the covers with well-timed wristwork and conventional movement of the front foot toward the pitch of a delivery aimed at or outside the off stump. The cover drive is considered one of the most graceful shots playable in the sport.[1]

 Nicholas Hogg. On beauty: Yes, it matters in cricket. But what is it? The Cricket Monthly.


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