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The 'coverdrive'  is the ultimate cricket shot  and the embodiment of 'effortless perfection . It is bold, elegant, and graceful  and when executed well, sends the cricket ball speeding along the ground towards the boundary providing a maximum result from an apparent minimum  of effort. 

Yet this is  a deception -  mastering this shot is only achieved after hours of practice, patience and perspiration. Knowing when and how to play the shot in a match comes from experience. Lots of it. 

When cricket's signature shot is combined with the brashness and colour of the Dutch style of play and  you have a formula worth getting excited about. And this is the 'drive' of Coverdrive.NL.  Promoting ,driving forward and bringing this wonderful game and the pursuit of  effortless perfection to the attention of the next generation of  Dutch cricketers. 


Cricket - the best known  unknown sport in The Netherlands 

Cricket is a world sport -  second  in number only to  soccer as to the sport with the most number of followers an d viewers on  televised and livestreaming  channels/



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Coverdrive.NL   promoting cricket - the best known unknown sport in The Netherlands


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